Healthy Cooking with A. Vogel®

Naturally fresh & delicious recipes and the love of nature!

All these recipes are been created to comply with the basic principles of Alfred Vogel. They are all mostly vegetarian. He recommended eating only a little meat and fish, if at all, and only if it is in good quality; i.e. husbandry and origin also play a great role in animal products. Good meat from free range animals or from hunting is healthier and better tasting than mass produced meat. His motto was and still is for many of us, "a little often is better".

These recipes were adapted from 'Naturally fresh & delicious, healthy cooking with
A. Vogel'
original cookbook. We changed from European measurements over to American, and a few recipe items needed to be substituted for what could be commonly found in the your local natural food grocery store.

Our recipes were created with the objective of being "healthy, modern, refined and elegant".