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Herbamare® Herbamare

Herbamare has been a staple in Europe for decades. A brilliant blend of celery, leek, watercress, onions, chives, parsley, lovage, garlic, basil, marjoram, rosemary, thyme, and kelp, all organically grown. Herbamare Original replaces conventional table salt. Use it as a condiment to perk up your recipes or at every meal to salt your food the healthy way. Add after cooking to enhance taste! Replaces table salt.

An original and unique Alfred Vogel formula, which perks up your recipes to salt your dishes the healthy way.  Like all of the A.Vogel products, the raw ingredients are literally used immediately after harvesting: vegetables are brought in from the fields and finely chopped, mixed with real sea salt and allowed to marinate: the mixture is then dried under vacuum. This process brings out the flavor of the vegetables, yielding a truly fresh condiment with a superior flavor. Herbamare does not contain artificial flavorings, dairy products or gluten. Herbamare is certified organic by USDA and QAI.

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Made with organic celery, leek and onion spicy herb seasoning salt. Flavorful preference to table salt. Trocomare is made according to the original recipe of the world famous Swiss Naturopath A.Vogel and is prepared with fresh, organically grown herbs. The fresh herbs are combined with natural sea salt and allowed to steep for up to one year before the moisture is removed by a special vacuum process at low temperature. This steeping process integrates the full herb and vegetable flavor into the salt crystal. Use Trocomare on salads, vegetables, beans, and rice, pasta, meals or pizza for a spicy and deliciously seasoned dish. Keep a container on your table as an alternative to plain table salt and in your condiment cupboard for easy cooking. Trocomare does not contain artificial flavorings, dairy products or gluten. Trocomare is certified organic by USDA and QAI.

Herbamare®Herbamare Sodium-Free Sodium-Free

Like all A. Vogel seasonings, the raw ingredients for our new Sodium-Free Herbamare are harvested at the peak of flavor. Vegetables are brought in from the fields to be finely chopped, blended, mixed with a salt substitute, potassium chloride, and then dried in a vacuum. This process results in a wonderfully unique, fresh flavor that is sure to enhance any recipe. Use it to replace table salt for seasoning vegetables, meat, poultry, fish, and seafood. The options are endless!