How do I read the date codes on the packaging?

Herbamare® & Trocomare®
Expiration Date
(00) Month (00) Year
(0) Month (00) Year
Shelf Life: 24 months

What is the difference between Herbamare and Trocomare?

Herbamare is Organic Herb Seasoning Salt, Trocomare combines Herbamare with horseradish and red pepper.

Are the A. Vogel Seasonings gluten-free?

Yes, the seasonings are gluten-free.

Are the A. Vogel Seasonings kosher?

Yes, the seasonings are KSA kosher.

Is there MSG in A.Vogel Seasonings?

No, we do not add any MSG in our organic seasonings.

Are A.Vogel Seasonings certified organic?

Yes, our seasonings are certified organic by USDA and QAI, as well as bio.inspecta in France.

Do any of the A. Vogel Seasonings contain any gluten?

No, our seasonings do not contain the following: gluten, artificial flavorings, MSG, or dairy products.